The New Viral Hit – the Obamacare Protest Song

The Obamacare legislation has millions of people all over America confused, upset, angry, sad and riding on a rollercoaster of negative emotions. Just this past weekend we learned that Obamacare enrollment has been even worse than we originally feared and a net of more than 3 MILLION people have actually LOST their health insurance coverage. Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to get more people covered – not less?Some Americans are so upset that they are even discovering new talents. Like this man who just learned that he has a knack for writing catchy music and lyrics! Check out his Obamacare Healthcare Protest song – and then share it around. Let’s make it go viral!

Sitting round trying to figure out what went wrong, I woke up this morning my health care was gone! I’d like to keep the plan I was already on, That’s why I’m singing you this healthcare song! You passed a big ole law called the health care bill, I couldn’t even read it all I’ve had my fill! The website is down again so let’s keep it real Who’s gonna pay for the scripts that I need to filled? But it’s free, TOTALLY free, Obamacare was supposed to be free, But he lied to you and me, Nothing about this plan is close to free! I think about all the money that’s been spent, And I’m so broke I can’t even pay the rent! I’m at the mercy of the government, Why did you pass this law Mr. President?!


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