Gladys and Snowy 

In another life, Snowy the cat would surely be chasing chicken Gladys round the farm they both live on. But against all the odds, the pair have become firm friends - even lavishing affection on each other.

The incredible friendship blossomed when a fox killed 13 chicks - leaving Gladys as the only survivor. Alone and in need of a friend, Gladys was brought into the farmhouse by her owners to keep her safe. And it was here her beautiful friendship with Snowy began. Now the two pals are inseparable at the farm in MIddleton, near Leiston in Suffolk, and Snowy even puts her paw around the chicken to comfort her.

Mrs Etheridge, a 69-year-old pony breeder said'He is a very strange cat and was actually feral when we got him, completely wild. But now he is all too human and a real softie. He sits on my lap, rolls over and puts his paw out on the chair.'They are a strange couple but we love them both very much.'


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