Tim Hawkins Greatest Bits - First 5 1/2 Minutes of DVD

Chicken Humor: A Goat That Sounds Like A Chicken

This begs the question: does anyone out there have a chicken that sounds like a goat?

How This Baby Elephant Made It To The Shore Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat. Wow!

When these elephants were crossing a dangerous river, one of their littlest members got swept away. Watch as these incredible creatures work together to get the little one out alive. Wow!

This Cute Kitty Gives The Best Bear Hug You've Ever Seen

Not even cats are immune to the appeal of a good old-fashioned hug.
Watch this sweet kitty, Franzie, embrace his person in an adorable display of feline-human affection.

Vibes Cat

Science Experiments with Kevin Delaney (+playlist)

Science Channel

Firing a gun under water works the same as it does above water, but WAY cooler in slow motion. [Video] - #OutrageousActs

Rudimental - Waiting All Night feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video)

What If Women Ruled the World?

Motherly Cat Soothes Crying Baby to Sleep

When baby Connar gets fussy at bedtime, gentle Stewie knows just the trick to calm him down. This cat certainly has the magic touch!

Watch as Stewie patiently soothes his fussy friend.

Helicopters Just Should NOT Go Upside Down Like This

Helicopters can feel dangerous enough when they're flying normally. But when they start doing flips, spins and nose dives, you get nervous just watching.
This week, Red Bull posted a YouTube video of daredevil Chuck Aaron -- the first and only civilian pilot ever to be licensed to perform helicopter aerobatics -- doing just that.
The 54-year-old pilot has spent more than 20,000 hours -- or 833 days -- in the air, so you can assume he knows what he's doing with these stunts. Without that experience, it's safe to say videos like the one above wouldn't be possible.

I Don't Know What's Funnier, The 2 Dancing Dogs Or Their Singing Human. LOL

These girls are super excited about dinner, and they do the cutest dance. They are certainly working up an appetite!

Police Officer Undresses To Perform 'Skin To Skin' Treatment On Man With Hypothermia

One police officer in Canada went beyond the call of duty in a desperate attempt to save a man's life, last week.
After high winds caused a 23-year-old man's canoe to capsize on the St. Lawrence River near Montreal on Thursday, he swam through the freezing waters to get to the people he spotted from a distance, QMI Agency reported.
Fortunately, he was wearing a life jacket and made it to shore where he used the little energy he had left to climb up to them, RightThisMinute reported.
One of the bystanders was a nurse and promptly called 911. When Police Officer David Jutras came to the scene, the nurse recommended using a "skin to skin" technique. So Jutras took off his bulletproof vest and shirt, and laid down on the man to give him as much body heat as possible.
Paramedics later came to the scene and took the 23-year-old, who was showing signs of hypothermia, to a hospital. He was released on Thursday night, according to QMI Agency.
This isn't the first time that police officers have come to the rescue after a canoe capsized. Last summer, officers rescued four people in northwestern Alberta after their boat capsized. Two of them were stranded in the middle of a river, and were forced to cling to a rock for 16 hours until they were found.

This Pup Knows Who His Friends Are. And He Has A Bone To Pick With Someone. LOL

This pup is far too smart to be tricked even by yummy treats. I think he made his feelings really, really clear! He is too cute.

DOUBLE WHAMMY: This is a parrot using an ATM. It is also a parrot acting in a movie. 
Paulie is an excellent movie about a parrot doing a variety of human jobs, I highly recommend it if you like parrots doing human jobs

Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping -- Part 1 (+playlist)

First person view of 110 year old 'ghost ship'

Haunting Photos of the Abandoned 1984 Winter Olympics Facilities

Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

A Hilarious Performance of Instrumental Acrobatics by the Salut Salon Classical Quartet

Hamburg-based classical quartet Salut Salon performs their signature comedic “instrumental acrobatics” in the hilarious and impressive performance entitled “Wettstreit zu viert.”

Putin & Obama Go On "Dr. Phil" Show

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