Zipping up usually requires two hands. But not anymore. 
Under Armour is making a bold claim that they've finally "fixed zippers". 
Their new innovative Magzip feature will only require one hand.

Zippers have not evolved for almost 100 years. 
So what they're proposing is really radical. 
For those who've fumbled at connecting two 
loose ends of a zipper, this is your answer. 
The company's approach uses a strong magnet 
and a re-engineered clasp to automatically guide 
the two ends of a zipper together.


The idea came from engineer Scott Peters, who designed it for those 
dealing with conditions that inhibit their fine motor control and coordination. 
The final version was patented and eventually licensed by 
Under Armour for a new line of clothing and jackets for a 2014 release. 

[Under Armour]

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