Girl Making Bunny Faces Captures China's Heart

No bunny has more social media attention in China than this girl.
With a series of bunny faces (shown below), the young woman has been shared 150,000 times, up-voted more than 38,000 times and has more than 23,000 comments on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter, according to China Smack

Top row (from left to right): Unhappy rabbit, happy rabbit, looking around rabbit Centre row: Perverted rabbit, angry rabbit, asking to be beaten up rabbit Bottom row: Uncertain/unconvinced rabbit, lively/cheerful rabbit, scared/startled rabbit
You don't have to be a rabbit fan of bunnies to become engrossed in this girl's talent. People won't carrot all if you admit you like these gifs. OK, we're done.


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