IKEA Releases 100 Cats Into a Store and the Result is Beautiful

When I ran across this earlier today I assumed that it was going to be some sort of hilarious disaster. A herd of cats running around a furniture store completely unchecked? Bring on the mayhem! Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be as beautiful and heartwarming as the final commercial is. There is a behind the scenes video after the jump where they talk a bit about “the plan” which was really “hey why don’t we just try this and see what happens?”  Yet with no real plan to speak of (at least none they convey in the BTS video) the audience is left with a feeling of peace. Peace that not only will they love a home furnished with IKEA products, but so will the furriest members of the family. To me that’s the really amazing part of this ad. You have 100 untrained cats running around and the film crew managed to capture amazing moments and bring them all together like this.
Here’s a peek behind the scenes:
Via Gizmodo


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