UFOs ??

Well, there sure has been a lot of sightings over the years.   But yet I still have my doubts...  An elaborate hoax to scare people?  Photoshopped?   Something to keep people watching a show?  Entertainment?

Anyway, I'll just let you decide!  

All's I have to say is this:  Don't pay no attention to the demons, they fill you with fear ... 

Well, here is a collection of what's going around the internet:

Things in Slow Motion (compilation)

Florida Sea Monster Controversy

Giant Sea Creature CAUGHT on tape!

Mysterious Water Creature - Florida 2013

25 Most Expensive Things In The World

Two-minutes of goats screaming like humans is udderly amazing (VIDEO)

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we’re udderly enamored by this compilation video of various goats screaming in decidedly human-sounding voices. The best of the bunch starts about 30 seconds into the two-minute video, which was edited by YouTube user “RSVLTS.” (Videos of screaming goats are actually quite plentiful.)

For added entertainment value, we humbly suggest watching this video within earshot of the nearest dog or house cat.

25 Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries In Human History

Top 10 Archeological Discoveries

10 Amazing Facts About Apple

10 Most Popular People On Facebook

10 Famous Last Words

Top 10 Most Common Nightmares

Russian Road Rage and Car Crashes by TNL

The Frozen Aquarium In Japan

Japanese have always been indifferent about creating things. Today we came across a frozen aquarium in Japan and it is worth to pay a visit there. However, be alerted that you would have to use to a special suit which keeps you warm since the inside temperature of this frozen aquarium world is -20 degree Celsius.

Kesennuma, northeastern in Japan is the place where this frozen aquarium world is situated and it is known as “Kori no Suizokukan”. Every water animal there is frozen and kept in aquariums that are totally iced. The Aquarium houses more than 450 species and they all are frozen.Due to its novelty, the idea is wonderful and even the place is more wonderful to visit. After the visit to the aquarium one can go to Maguro Shashimi, a nearby restaurant to have some scrumptious food and to get yourself warm again. Take a look at some of the pictures of this Aquarium

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